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Motherhood, Art and business

December 18th, 2015

Motherhood, Art and business

I have been a mother for what seems like forever. I have always put others first. Which is great in an altruistic sense but not so good in a business sense. Now my daughter is in college and I really need to help with financing this crazy expensive venture called college. I have taken other jobs as art has never paid the bills, but I always have hope that one day my art career will take off.

Well if anyone reading this has ever wanted to purchase any of my artwork, here is an added incentive. I am doing a 40% discount from 12/18/15 to 1/1/16. The code is: GMVTBM.

Happy Holidays to all!
Ann Michelle Swadener

When you look hard to find beauty, nature often returns the favor

November 9th, 2013

When you look hard to find beauty, nature often returns the favor

I truly believe when you look hard to find beauty, nature really does return the favor. One day I wanted to enjoy the rare treat of fall sunlight instead of going into a Costco warehouse to shop for all the things I've bought so many times before and would continue to buy ad nauseam (milk, bread, eggs, fruit, etc.) So instead I I looked out over the wetlands nearby. Well at first it seemed like nature was starting to go into dormancy with the leaves falling and not much blooming. But I still enjoyed the sun and the sounds of ducks nearby when all of a sudden a tree frog hopped onto a bush near me. If I hadn't seen the movement I never would have seen that beautifully camouflaged creature. Then I saw two more, all close by one another. I was in heaven. It was as if they were there to remind me that even in dormancy nature still has surprises and beauty. I went out to my yard to take pictures around this time and again there wasn't much blooming. All the showy poppies, irises, clematis, roses, etc. were bloomed out until next summer. But I found a beautiful Lenten Rose, strawberry flowers, butterfly bush flowers, hummingbirds and more. Isn't it funny that the first thing I mentioned was named for a time when Christians are preparing for sadness that will be turned to joy. My Lenten Rose blooms first and last in my garden and is always bringing me joy.

This blog is for all the people coming to my site regularly you bring me joy too! Please keep coming and if you have any suggestions please let me know. I am working on a painting of a Ruby-throated hummingbird and hope to finish it soon. Also I am open to suggestions for my next "Dancing on Top of ..." or my next "All Dressed up and Ready for..." Oh, I put in a discount code for 50% off my prints/cards for people who are interested. The code is VGJFEM and is good until 11/11/13. I can extend it if you let me know you are interested.

Artfully yours,
Ann Michelle